• September 5, 2022

Business into the Digital Future

This has created a necessity for businesses to look to digitalisation – embracing digital solutions and technology to keep the business up and running through the uncertainty of these troubled times.

In keeping with the changes, Maxis has evolved from being just a telco provider to offer digitalisation solutions for businesses looking to delve into digitalisation.

Taking the lead to establish its presence as a trusted partner of choice for businesses going digital, Maxis Business has unrolled its Digital Readiness Index (DRI).

To this end, Maxis Business collaborated with Vodafone to tap into its experience in launching a similiar index in Europe that empowers small businesses to kickstart their digitalisation journey.

Maxis Chief Enterprise Business Officer Paul McManus said: “The DRI has the potential to generate actionable insights on the state of digital transformation of businesses and industries in the nation, including for governments particularly as a consideration for policy implementation and best practices for digital adoption. This is line with our commitment to enable businesses and the nation to Always be Ahead in a changing world.”

The Maxis Business DRI is a tool that would allow businesses to assess their readiness for digitalisation via a few simple steps online. This user-friendly, interactive self-assessment tool also allows businesses to explore solutions to get digital-ready.

Maxis Business is the first provider to offer the Maxis Business DRI in Malaysia – leading the way forward in the digitalisation of businesses.

Essentially, the assessment is a score sheet on how ready a business is for digitalisation. It is based on three pillars – customer satisfaction, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

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